MP Learning Place

ATTENTION: Important Updates Regarding COVID-19

Welcome to Madison Park Learning Place where we believe each child is a unique gift from God. We strive to partner with families to further the success of each child.

Our program operates Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM, and can be reached during these hours by calling 765-646-1610. We serve children from six weeks through five years of age and school-age children during the summer months. 

New Check-In/Check-Out Procedure

To reduce the number of people inside our building, all students must be dropped off and checked in at the door. Guardians will not be permitted to enter at this time. All students will have their temperature taken before entering.  We appreciate your cooperation! The extra effort will help keep our students and staff healthy. 

Building Sanitization

UV lights have been installed in our central heating and cooling system to kill airborne bacteria and clean the air. A professional cleaning company will thoroughly clean and disinfect each classroom, kitchen, common area, equipment, and toys. Our staff will be following CDC guidelines for PPE as appropriate for their position. 



Teachers caring for the Infant 1 class are:

  • Jennifer Stewart
  • Cami Beaty

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Teachers caring for the infant 2 class are:

  • Brenda Ambrose
  • Desira Thomas
  • Christian Hixson
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Our infants are learning each day by exploring their environment. Infants are provided with a balance of floor time mixed with a variety of fine and gross motor experiences as well as time for social development and individualized focus to work towards meeting developmental goals.


Teachers caring for the toddler 1 class are:

  • Amanda Heindel
  • Stephanie Durant
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We believe that our toddlers learn best through hands-on activities. Toddlers are encouraged to explore their environment in a variety of ways. We offer our toddlers sensory experiences mixed with gross motor, fine motor, literacy, and free exploration. 


The teachers caring for the toddler 2 class are:

  • Julayne McKinster
  • Sherri Bucci

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Our twos love exploring! We work to provide an environment, both indoor and outdoor, with a variety of materials to encourage learning through exploration.

Transitional Preschool

The teachers caring for our transitional preschool class are:

  • Oliviah Bagienski
  • John Thompson

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In our transitional preschool class, we focus on preparing children for preschool and learning beyond. Our teachers work with children in a variety of learning centers as well as working to support, build, and strengthen their self-help skills.


The teacher caring for the preschool 1 class is:

  • Abbie McDowell

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The teacher caring for the preschool 2 class is:

  • Katy Austin

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Preschoolers spend their days very actively learning in different learning centers. Our teachers work to build the foundation for lifelong learners while supporting each child's curiosity and learning style.


The teacher caring for the prekindergarten 1 class is:

  • Casey Johnson

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The teacher caring for the prekindergarten 2 class is:

  • Ann Sanders

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Our prekindergarten classes work to prepare children for kindergarten and future learning success. Prekindergarten children work to build on their learning foundation while learning key skills for the social and academic expectations of kindergarten.

School-Age - Summer Only

Madison Park Learning Place will offer special programming for school-agers during the summer of 2021. This will include weekly field trips, special activity days, Christian curriculum, and water fun. 

Enrollment and Fees

Step 1: Schedule a Tour

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Step 2. Fill out an application

Tuition & Fees

$50 registration fee due at time of registration
($30 registration fee for each additional child)

Weekly Tuition
Infants (full-time): $165
One year through five years (full-time): $155
One year through five years (two days): $85
One year through five years (three days): $115


When is registration?

Registrations are accepted at any time throughout the calendar year. It is encouraged to first schedule a tour of our facility to determine what will best meet your needs.

What if a class is full?

We strive to accomodate each family to the best of our ability. However, if a certain age group or classroom is full you will be added to our waiting list. Once space becomes available, it is offered in order of enrollment packet submission.

Do I need to provide food for my child?

For infants, we ask that families provide ready-to-use formula or breastmilk as well as any baby food needed.  As infants transition to table foods we offer a full menu including breakfast, lunch and two snacks throughout the day.  All meals are prepared onsite in our commercial kitchen and meet basic nutritional guidelines for young children.

How can I make payments?

Tuition and registration payments can be made online securely through the Procare parent portal.

What time of the day will my child be learning?

We believe that children learn best through play and exploration. Children will be encouraged to explore their environment in different ways throughout the entire day.

What happens if my child is sick?

For the safety of all the children and families we serve, sick children are excluded from care until they are symptom free for 24 hours and cleared by a doctor to return.

Do you accept subsidies or vouchers?

Our program accepts CCDF vouchers through the State of Indiana

What supplies do I need to provide?

We ask that families provide diapers, wipes, and any ointment or diaper cream when applicable. We also ask families to provide a minimum of one complete extra change of clothes to be kept at the program.

What if my child has an allergy?

For any documented allergies or sensitivities, alternate substitutions are provided for children.

How much time do children get to play outside?

Children are offered a minimum of one hour of outside time per day divided into a morning and an afternoon time, weather permitting. On the occasion that weather prohibits children from going outside, they are provided gross motor exploration time on our indoor play structure.


Madison Park Learning Place strives to provide a safe environment for children, families, and team members.

  • Our facility offers a secure private entrance for our families and team and maintain a locked facility at all times. Visitors must check in with a member of the management team.
  • All team members and volunteers complete a national criminal background check and update this every three years.
  • Our team members are trained in first aid, CPR, and univerals precautions to be prepared to assist should any emergency arise.
  • We follow safe sleep practices for all of our children, where infants are placed to sleep on their backs and children are under close supervision at all times including rest times.
  • All children are under the supervision of caregivers at all times.
  • All meals are prepared in a commercial kitchen and follow safe food handling guidelines.
  • Our program follows state mandated child to caregiver ratios and maximum group sizes.