Creating Opportunities to Engage with Students to Empower Them Through Scripture and Relationships

MP Youth is a program designed for middle school and high school students to have an intensely fun, safe, and inclusive community where we can help them to become more like Jesus by understanding that they are loved no matter what! This is a time of life where new ideas, thoughts, and beliefs are all around and it is easy to be confused by all of the commotion. We seek to instill in students that their identity can only be found in Jesus and what He has done for us through worship, biblical teaching, and relationship development in small group communities.  MP Youth is always creating opportunities for students to come together to have fun and make memories outside of our weekly programming. See below for ways to connect and to sign up to receive the NextGen email.


Sunday Morning - 10:30 am

Students are welcome to the reserved section in the main auditorium for worship and teaching.

Sunday Night Yout - Crossroads Auditorium

Check -ln opens at 5:30. All students from 6-12th grade are invited for a time of worship, teaching, and then a small group breakout.

Our current series is called "Prism".  What is the Gospel? Is there a chance we’ve looked at all it has to offer from only one angle? The word “Gospel” means “good news,” but hearing something is good and knowing WHY it’s good are two very different things. In this series, as we take a closer look at the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we’ll find that the Good News of Easter may be bigger, bolder, and better than we ever imagined, and in doing that, discover a new way of engaging Jesus and five things He doesn’t want any of us to forget.

Upcoming Events

Jr. high Spring Retreat - May 6 -7

"Never 2 Young" is a uniquely designed gathering to prepare and encourage middle school students to make an impact for Christ.  We have attached a link that will allow you to read more about what to expect during the retreat (click on the button below).  Students can register online now through the link below. (Linktree)


There are so many ways to connect with us!


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