Get connected with others.

You were designed to live in community!

We believe that discipleship happens best in circles and not rows. Community Groups are central to our rhythm of life. Whether you are looking to dive deeper into your relationship with Christ or you have doubts and questions you’re afraid to even ask, Community Groups provide a safe environment to explore your faith with a small group of people who are also figuring out what it means to follow Jesus Christ.  In this season it would seem that discipleship opportunities would be difficult to engage in during this time. However, we are blessed to be able to communicate and connect with each other in many ways including through technology.  No matter what you choose or are comfortable in doing, we have groups that meet in person, while complying with proper social distancing or strictly meet online.

Get connected to a community.

Finding the group that works best for you is just a click away! If you would like to see a list of our open community groups, please click the button below. This link provides you with information regarding the type of group (sermon-based, topical/book study, women only, men only), the group leader(s), meeting day and time of the week, location, and whether they meet in person or virtually. Once you are connected to this link, click on the name of the group to show additional information as well as a way to email the leader directly to let them know you are interested.