June 8 // 11 am – 5pm

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 Young Explorers Camp

June 8-10

Location:  Camp Challenge (Bedford, IN)
Attendees:  Current 1st – 3rd grade
Cost:  $165
Description:  Camp is a wonderful experience and comes with amazing opportunities, probably for the first time!  By getting away, kids have a chance to experience Jesus differently and on their own while also developing stronger friendships with those in their classes.  This weekend promises to bring lots of laughs, singing, games and so much more!
For more info, email Stephanie at [email protected]


June 12-16

Location:  Cedarville University (Cedarville, Ohio)
Attendees:  Current 8th – 12th grade
Cost:  $550 ($50 holds your spot)
Description:  This is a 5-day summer event designed for High School students to know Jesus better, deepen their relationships, and recognize their own abilities to be sent out to participate in Kingdom Work that will outlive them.  Fun, friends, and future… what more could we want?!  For more info, email Kelsey at [email protected]


July 5-8

Location:  Anderson University
Attendees:  Current 5th – 7th grade
Cost:  $400 ($50 holds your spot)
Description:  This is a 4-dayevent built just for Middle School Students.  Friends, games, worship, and  so much more will make this a week students will not forget.  Mix changes lives and builds identity, community, and purpose all at once.  For more info, email Kelsey at [email protected]