6th – 12th Grade


Showing Jesus to every student by knowing them by name, inviting them into community, and sending them out with purpose.  

Who We Are

MP Students is a program designed for middle school and high school students to have a safe, honest, and insanely fun community where we can help show them who Jesus is and step into their full potential as disciples! This is a time of life where new ideas, thoughts, and beliefs are all around and it is easy to be confused by all of the commotion. We seek to instill in students that their identity can only be found in Jesus and what He has done for us by engaging with worship, biblical teaching, and relationships through small groups.

Middle School

Middle School meets on Sundays during our 10am service. Every middle school student (6th – 8th grade) is invited to join us in the Student Center for a time with games, music, learning, and small groups. Stop by Check-In at the Student Center lobby to get a name tag, then head on in for a great morning together. After the service, students will be dismissed to meet their parents/guardians in the lobby.

High School

High School students meet on Wednesdays from 6:30 – 8pm at two different locations (one in Noblesville and one in Anderson). This will be a time of community, conversations, collaborations, and of course, good laughs. Students are invited to choose a group based on what’s closer or what peaks their interest. For more information and specifics of meeting locations, please contact Mason Brown or Kelsey Branderhorst.

High School Family Nights

Every 6th Wednesday (11/8 : 12/20) we will be gathering as on group at Madison Park Church. These nights will be a chance for all students to meet up and give us an opportunity to do something a little different together. We will provide pizza, activities, High School “family” time and focus intentionally on unity! We will share family night dates for the next semester later this year!

Connect With Us

If you have any questions or want more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to Mason Brown or Kelsey Branderhorst today.